Dear patients

We regret that we have to share this.

Unfortunately, over the last 2 months we have noticed increasing incidences of verbal aggression and disrespect towards staff, both on the phone and at the front door.

We appreciate how difficult life is at the moment and understand the frustration when the phone lines are so busy. We share this frustration.

However, our staff are working exceptionally hard to provide your healthcare needs under very difficult circumstances.

We are now enforcing a Zero Tolerance policy.
We will end phone calls for verbal aggression and call the police for aggression at the front door.
We endeavour to be kind and courteous to all patients, and we expect the same treatment in return.

We hope you understand that we need to protect our staff through these unprecedented times.
It is by working together as a practice with our patients that we will come through this testing period. 

Which service, when?

Inappropriate A+E attendances for problems that are neither emergencies nor related to acute injuries from accidents, cause delay in assessment for those who have genuine need. NHS Sheffield is keen to help you choose the right service for your needs at the time, i.e "the right place at the right time". That might be, self-care, pharmacist advice, walk-in-centre, GP (including urgent access as at Crystal Peaks MC),or out of hours GP service. In order to facilitate that, there is some guidance available in our further information list. Please help by accessing the right service at the right time. This is especially important in the winter months when the health service is under additional pressure. Thank you



HGV/PCV Medicals- £110!

We have reduced our price for Heavy Goods Vehicle and Passenger Carrying Vehicle examinations. We believe there are advantages to having your registered medical practice carrying out these medicals as we have full access to your medical record, if there are any queries and we can rapidly arrange any further tests that may become necessary. Please contact reception to arrange an appointment.

Practice Email

Please be aware that our email address is not for clinical enquiries, and any such emails will be returned to sender.


We will check your blood pressure as often as necessary either during a surgery attendance or when you see the Practice Nurse/ Health Care Assistant. If hypertension (high blood pressure) is diagnosed then we might prescribe some routine blood pressure treatment. Before starting on treatment which may be lifelong, we take great care that treatment is indicated. It is very sensible when attending for a blood pressure measurement to sit quietly in the waiting room for ten minutes or so to allow the pressure to settle. This might help in reducing "white coat" hypertension which we all suffer from in a greater or lesser degree


We would always advise dietary means of reducing blood pressure along with regular exercise. Your doctor might give you a handout with suggestions to consider and follow. Needless to say, cessation of smoking, reduction of weight and a reduction in alcohol intake to the recommended limits are often all that is needed to reduce blood pressure successfully along with some regular exercise. Increasingly the role of salt in the diet is becoming a factor and pressure groups are encouraging supermarkets to add less salt to the processed food. All persons and especially hypertensives should be encouraged to stop all added salt with their food especially at the table. A salt substitute may be helpful in reducing the intake of salt although occasionally this has been known to be a cause of an excess of potassium in the blood.

Blood pressure monitors

To help with the diagnosis of hypertension, the practice has purchased several blood pressure monitors, which we will loan to patients for home monitoring- when suggested by one of the GPs or nurses (£20 deposit required-the Health Care Assistant will show you how to use it). We also have regular checks on the blood pressure machines that we use in the surgery. With new EU regulations regarding mercury in the surgery, we are experimenting with some new electronic blood pressure machines.

More and more people wish to monitor their BP at home, and we are happy to support you in this, as long as we agree on some basic "rules", so we know that this process is a fair representation of the situation.

Firstly, we do not recommend wrist-monitors, and we would ideally like you to use monitors validated by the British Hypertension Society. If not, we would like you to bring your monitor to surgery so we can test it alongside our readings.

Secondly, you must be able to fit the cuff appropriately, ensuring it is of the correct size for the arm, and to know that the cuff should be approximately level with the heart, with the arm supported and that you are seated with your legs uncrossed, having sat rested for at least 3 minutes.

Thirdly, we would like to see an average of 2 readings in the morning and 2 readings in the evening, over 7 days, with the 1st day's readings discarded from the calculation. There should ideally be a gap of 3 minutes between readings. The target (unless you are also diabetic or have kidney disease) would be for the AVERAGE to be less than 135/85. This means that both the systolic (top figure) has to be less than 135, AND the diastolic (bottom figure) has to be less than 85. Once BP is controlled to this level, with titration of medication and lifestyle change, then this process really only needs to be repeated every 6 months.

The Practice Nurse/ Health Care Assistant will also monitor blood pressures during the normal surgeries. The frequency of these checks depends upon many factors but we would wish all patients on medication to have at least an annual check of their blood pressure. Certain drugs will need a regular blood test to monitor any side effects.

British Hypertensive Society - This site has useful information including approved monitors.


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