Dear patients

We regret that we have to share this.

Unfortunately, over the last 2 months we have noticed increasing incidences of verbal aggression and disrespect towards staff, both on the phone and at the front door.

We appreciate how difficult life is at the moment and understand the frustration when the phone lines are so busy. We share this frustration.

However, our staff are working exceptionally hard to provide your healthcare needs under very difficult circumstances.

We are now enforcing a Zero Tolerance policy.
We will end phone calls for verbal aggression and call the police for aggression at the front door.
We endeavour to be kind and courteous to all patients, and we expect the same treatment in return.

We hope you understand that we need to protect our staff through these unprecedented times.
It is by working together as a practice with our patients that we will come through this testing period. 

Which service, when?

Inappropriate A+E attendances for problems that are neither emergencies nor related to acute injuries from accidents, cause delay in assessment for those who have genuine need. NHS Sheffield is keen to help you choose the right service for your needs at the time, i.e "the right place at the right time". That might be, self-care, pharmacist advice, walk-in-centre, GP (including urgent access as at Crystal Peaks MC),or out of hours GP service. In order to facilitate that, there is some guidance available in our further information list. Please help by accessing the right service at the right time. This is especially important in the winter months when the health service is under additional pressure. Thank you



HGV/PCV Medicals- £110!

We have reduced our price for Heavy Goods Vehicle and Passenger Carrying Vehicle examinations. We believe there are advantages to having your registered medical practice carrying out these medicals as we have full access to your medical record, if there are any queries and we can rapidly arrange any further tests that may become necessary. Please contact reception to arrange an appointment.

Practice Email

Please be aware that our email address is not for clinical enquiries, and any such emails will be returned to sender.

Ultrasound Scans 

Your partner can be present for routine scans. A nuchal translucency scan is usually undertaken from 10 weeks pregnant (remember the convention is that the weeks are counted from the 1st day of your last period, not from the actual fertilisation date, which for most women will be sometime around day 14, day 1 being the 1st day of the period). A further dating scan may also be done at 12 weeks or more. If you require a more specialist scan, the radiologist may request your partner to wait outside in order to ensure optimum conditions for the procedure.

Screening for Down's Syndrome, Spina Bifida and other anomalies. Maternal serum screening (MSS) in the form of a blood test is offered at 16 weeks. An anomaly scan is available at 20 weeks.

Folic Acid

It is recommended that folic acid in a dose of 400 mcgms be taken before conception and for 12 weeks after conception. This has been found to be beneficial to the normal development of the foetus. A prescription can be obtained from your doctor but as you will be required to pay a prescription charge for it at the chemist, it may be cheaper to purchase over the counter. The important information is to take folic acid before conception rather than when you get a positive pregnancy test. If you are on treatment for epilepsy, you will be advised to take a higher dose.

Our service

We offer shared antenatal care: shared between the midwife, doctor and hospital. The current system is that your "booking" (letting a health care professional know you are expecting and planning your pregnancy care and likely delivery date), is now done directly with the midwife, rather than the Dr. Please contact our receptionists to arrange this appointment, unless this is an unwanted pregnancy in which case you need to see a Dr. You may also seek advice from the website: where you will also see a number 0114 2756699 open Mon-Fri 9am-4pm, thae "Maternity Hotline". Because nuchal translucency scans are now offerred through NHS Sheffield, it is important that you "book" earlier than has been the case in the past; ideally by 8 weeks, so your nuchal translucency scan can be arranged woithin the next 2-4 weeks.


A note about weeks of pregnancy might be helpful.  If your menstrual cycle is a regular 28 days then the pregnancy is counted from the first day of your last menstrual period. Obviously you could not be pregnant then, (usually release of the egg takes place half way through the 28 days cycle) but a pregnancy "lasts" 280 days from the LMP, unless the cycle is longer than 28 days then the additional days are added to 280 to give the expected date of delivery. Ultrasound scanning is now so accurate and routine that this is usually used to confirm the duration of the pregnancy. Any gestation between 37 and 42 weeks is considered within the normal range.

Outlined below is the usual schedule for your antenatal care.This is for low risk pregnancies and may change depending upon circumstances.




Pregnancy confirmed


Home visit from midwife to include routine blood tests


Dating and or Nuchal Translucency scan at RVI


Antenatal clinic at surgery with blood results. Maternal serum screening if requested after counselling


Anomaly scan


Antenatal clinic for first pregnancy


Antenatal clinic including blood tests and infant feeding plan


Review care if first pregnancy and blood results


Antenatal clinic


Antenatal clinic


Antenatal clinic


Antenatal clinic


If you have not delivered, midwife will usually visit to discuss date for induction of labour and offer a membrane sweep

Please inform the surgery when you are discharged from hospital after the delivery of your baby.

After delivery the community midwife will visit regularly until she is satisfied that all is well. Our health visitor will contact you after this to discuss vaccinations and any other problems.

A postnatal check with your doctor is recommended between 6 and 8 weeks after delivery. This gives an opportunity to discuss any problems and future contraception.

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